About Us 
Brie naturals is a small locally owned homemade essential store out of New Haven Ct .Named after the daughter of C.E.O of Brie Naturals .
Aubrie is a fun high spirited loving and caring little girl who loves to explore & learn different things about nature and where things come from she is also very creative with using her imagination when helping her dad make and put together products such as color schemes and mixes of scents used in our signature Candles & Room Sprays. 
Dad: I wanted to start a business in her name to not only show my daughter that she can do anything that she put's her mind to but most of all continue to spread awareness of Natural products that heal our precious body's instead of harm them as we take pride in the products that we make & provide.  
All ingredients are bought from local growers as we also strive in supporting our own.
we are still growing as a business and hope that you will continue this journey with us . 
Thank You